Vision Quest

Vision Quest - €3000: 8 Day Expedition 
NEXT VISION QUEST: September 2019
Pioneering Vision Quest Expeditions
"Follow the White Rabbit."
In September this year experience a Vision Quest into the wild in an undisclosed location in Europe.
You will be together with 12 men of outstanding integrity, courage, and power.
Together we will go deep into the heart of darkness, where our true power and gifts are to be found, facing the mystery and pain of existence to emerge from the challenge with a vision for our lives which no fear or resistance can sway us from. You will emerge with unshakeable confidence, the vigour and power of your own truth deeply rooted in your body, heart and mind, experiences of brotherhood and challenge which last a lifetime and a memory which will may well outlive even that!
Activities include a daring expedition through the Dolomites, via Ferrata, mountain water and Wim Hof style challenges, fire cycles, wrestling, peer councils, and a four-day solo vision quest to bring you into the heart of your power and bring you to the place where you feel limitless.


Accommodation, food, camping equipment, safety gear and expert guides included.


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Details available on request. 

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