“Having worked with Christie for just over half a year the results have been amazing!! Christie has been instrumental in helping me move forward in ending a stagnant relationship and has also made me see and be accountable for the areas where I have been lazy and not showing up my life. I am far more solid and am not so easily led and affected by my emotions and the feminine. He is truly a gifted guide and a good friend.”

– Bernard Kwan, Founder of Chi Academy 

“Christie will continue to help you grow and expand the limits of your own giving and glory by challenging and supporting you onto your edge.

He does this by asking the right questions. He doesn’t do this from some place of superiority. Because I know every day he wakes up, and asks himself these very same questions as well. Asking him why he does it would be the same as asking a bird why it sings.”

– Nico Panayi, Founder of YESROOTS International.

“If you are in the dark and need someone to help you kick your ass, Christie is your man.
We conquered mountains together!”

– Vaidotas Monstavičius, Mountaineer, Climber & Adventure Film Maker – Creator of YouTube Sensation Cook&Climb.

“As a coach, Christie is an incredibly good observer of inner states of being and their impact on a person’s behavior; he has a deep sense of other people´s character, motivations and fears and sees their individual potential in them.

With his enthusiasm, crystal-clear presence and his humorous way of addressing life’s real challenges, it is a great pleasure to work with him. Christie is a very well-read mentor who knows tons about mythology, literature, different wisdom traditions, the polarity of the masculine and the feminine and much more.

With only a few precise questions, he gets to the core, to the soul of a person and intuitively knows after a few conversations what one is doing well and what is twinned with their soul plan.

With his work as a coach, Christie not only recognizes the challenges his clients are facing on their way to realizing their purpose, he also has a very good sense of what little tasks he can give to help the person get closer and closer to live their life. To live their own truth.

Christie’s compassionate and empathic way of summing up what you have told him has not only inspired me to think more about my life goals but above all encouraged me to take the necessary steps to gain more clarity about my life and live the life I am made for.

An incredibly powerful challenge that Christie asked me was to stay alone in the forest for 24 hours. I was definitely scared of it at first, but Christie always encouraged me to take the step and face my fears.

With this strong tailwind, I actually made my way and spent 24 hours in the forest. During the night I learned and remembered a lot about who I am and what is really important to me in my life. After leaving the forest the next afternoon, Christie helped me to reflect and process what I experienced.

With fresh awareness, I was able to plan further steps to implement what I can give as my personal gift to the world and other people. For that, I will be always grateful to him and I know that he has helped many more people to discover their inner fire and, to motivate them to take the necessary steps to make this fire visible and serve other people.”

– Christoph Baierlipp, Visual Design Expert & Graphic Recorder.

“At the time I started working with Christie, I was stalling on my journey as a photographer. The fire burning within me was being exhausted.

I had an ever-shifting sense of direction. And pollution around me that was shifting my focus back and forth.

Through our exercises and conversations, I created the clarity to choose the path that is true to me and pursue it. More importantly, I was able to identify who I am not.

I say thank you to Christie for believing in me and giving me the ass kicking that was much needed when I was in doubt and inertia.

During the struggles that I’ve faced, the solitude that was both a torture and a catalyst for growth, Christie was there. Our weekly challenges have helped me to concentrate on what really needed doing in order to become who’ve I’ve become now. The greatest struggle that Christie helped me with was getting in touch with the power of my emotions.

Exposing myself from the heart. Being vulnerable by making my own way. I found a way to embrace this side of myself and use it as fuel. Which has inspired me to be authentic, bold and confident in my actions. I’ve been breaking through obstacles I am presented with every damn day since.

I am deeply grateful that our paths crossed.

Strength and courage.”
– Rokas, Adventure FilmMaker & Documentary Photographer.

“Christie is a man’s man. A rare breed who combines heart and intelligence, tenderness and passion, creativity and hard work, bringing together a package that will undoubtedly help anyone he encounters become the best versions of themselves. Spend an afternoon with him and you’ll know what I’m talking about. ”
– J. Hermida, Founder of RisOnInc.,

“I come to Christie because he’s driven. It’s amazing how young he is and how much life he has lived already.  Perhaps it’s the challenges he’s faced that made him courageous, but whatever it is – he pushes himself and others – forward.

In doing so has assembled a toolbox of powerful rituals and routines that he practices daily.

He’s a result maker, setting goals and seriously following through on them.  For a procrastinator like me (and aren’t we all), that’s inspiring. It drives me to excel.

I recommend him as a sparring partner for men that are on a path of personal and spiritual growth.”

– M. Opsomer, Founder of Vollenung

“Christie is motivational and helps me with mental barriers when I am facing obstacles, with his techniques and expertise about how the brain and body operate together. He implements this knowledge effectively and is relentlessly in helping me achieve my goals”.

– D. Palmer

“I met Christie through a solid network of people who are deeply involved in literature. Christie has a remarkable ability in writing. He has helped me see that the process of writing is harder than one could imagine but in doing so he has strengthened my understanding of literature and through communication with him I find that my writing becomes more poignant and has deeper levels of interpretation. I’m finding that this keeps my morale high. My experience with Christie has been rewarding to say the least.”

– S. Agios, Author