Purpose Practices

In this guide, you will find detailed explanations of the five most powerful techniques for finding and grounding yourself in your purpose. Be warned, they are not for the weak or faint hearted, because these techniques require your commitment, courage, and persistence. As does living true to your purpose. This is a constant process of discovering, adjusting, and error correcting. As with any skill, it takes practice, persistence, and commitment in order to learn the proper techniques. However, once the basics are mastered, results will begin to flow in their wake. (Click Title to receive free pdf.)

Articles, Poems, Parables.

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I believe in the power of word to transform our reality.
My writing is my attempts to grapple with, celebrate and console the soul to reality as we experience it. For me, literature, has the ability to offer us a perspective which can touch the heart of crisis and lead to transcendence in our lives.

the Way with Christie Murphy Podcast

In this podcast, I discuss and explore a range of concepts, disciplines and practices that center around discovering and living a life of deep purpose. This discussion centers around creating enlightenment and meaning in our lives. We explore leadership and responsibility from the male perspective. From spiritual, to social and sexual dynamics and roles. The method is to integrate spiritual practices and teachings with scientifical grounding and lived experience to cast light on and empower others to make meaningful choices towards transcendence.
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