Roundtable (Evening Symposium – Free)

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Experience the energy and life-force of fraternity, as we come together as men of all cultures have done for millenia. To eat, speak and know our true selves.
Once a month the men of Berlin come together to eat, discuss, network and enjoy presence and masculine energy.
Each dinner we will carry out a free challenge.
** When considering attending, make your word your bond as true man. ONLY click Attending or Not Attending.

Evening Walk

Join us for an evening of presence, purpose and brotherhood. This is a place for realignment with your true purpose and an opportunity to rediscover the freedom and creative power you intuit in your heart.
Through engaging and focused conversation we share the challenges of work, women and the world with other men in the open surroundings this great city.

Mastery is bred from brotherhood and authentic, loving challenge and reflection.

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Bouldering Session + Sauna

Expect to come away from this evening with an energised body and a sense of confidence. You will be training and climbing with a group of men, learning and enjoying the art of bouldering with Christie Murphy (A Qualified Climbing Instructor).

Climbing in the presence of other men brings about a deep centeredness and magnetising presence.
Bouldering is a physical art and discipline which constantly asks us to be present, step beyond our edge and embrace fear and risk. It trains us to manage risk, act with confidence and commit to an outcome which is far from guaranteed. It’s a sport which trains the entire body. It provides an excellent masculine practice for confidence, facing fear, and experiencing the power and excellence of your physical and emotional body.

Vision Quest Training Sessions:

Join Christie for a physical, spiritual and emotional challenge which will bring you directly to the power of your hidden edge.
Once a month a group of men will assemble and undertake a challenge which brings them into contact with their masculine power.
Challenges include ice water, distance running, meditation & breath work (such as Adhittana and Biodynamics), body weight and calisthenics challenges and more.
If you want to work with a group of men on a challenge which will amp up your energy, clarify your purpose and supercharge the polarity in your relationship, be there.