“I am here to empower others into deep purpose and the bliss of openness through transcendence of their suffering, their darkness, the shadow of their fears.”

– Christie Murphy


Christie has served as a mentor and teacher for over ten years. He has served professionals, artists and athletes in many fields of life. This has given him the ability and experience to understand a vast array of different people and perspectives.

A chance meeting with a meditation teacher and student of Allan Wallace, Liam Chia, led Christie to begin meditating for an hour a day. Quickly this practice evolved into an intensive discipline of waking at 0530, practicing yoga for an hour, writing for an hour and then moving onto Wim Hof and Adhittana style challenges (Strong Determination Sitting).

From this Christie was led to undertake several pilgrimages to clarify his purpose and overcome his fears so that he can serve others. One of the greatest fears his students have is the fear of not having enough money.

To overcome this fear, and demonstrate trust in the power of purpose, Christie undertook a pilgrimage alone and unaided. It was completed entirely on foot and solo, across the south coast of the UK, covering some 400 kilometers in 33 days. During which time he took a vow to accept and use no money, map and to take nothing that was not given to him freely.

Walking every step of the way carrying an 18 kilo backpack, sleeping wherever was offered and aided by everyone from ex-SAS commandos, carpenters, teachers, Coast Guards, publicans, priests and picnic makers, he completed the pilgrimage and was privileged to meet with revered spiritual teacher Satish Kumar, who once walked a 4 year long pilgrimage around the world.

Since then, Christie moved to Germany, Berlin, and has been teaching and writing, giving seminars and workshops for men and women.

He now regularly undertakes the practice of Vision Questing. An extreme and potent form of masculine practice whereby one goes into the forest to fast and meditate in order to cultivate the personal power necessary to transcend the fear of death.

He is known for teaching the framework, principles, and models necessary for modern men to live their lives integrated, with a clear and powerful sense of purpose in their lives. This expanded capacity for leadership and presence creates an inner freedom and the power to realise deep fulfillment in relationships through the yoga of sacred intimacy.

Christie is the author of dozens of articles, videos, poems stories and essays. Many of which seeks to express the fundamental realisation of purpose, freedom, the bliss of polarity between feminine and masculine and the pains and power of transcendence.

Christie has spent a great deal of time traveling Europe and has lived in Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Lithuania, India and Nepal and currently lives in Berlin, Germany, with his future wife.