Meditation II

Rise and grind. Coffee first. Something to kick it up.

That’s done. And a quick chat with Maria.


Last night many dreams. Broken sleep. Fitful. Not sure what’s going on. In my mind I know I remember dreaming about Instagram. Our neighbor upstairs. Beef. Fighting with people.

My thoughts turn more and more to how I speak live my truth in the world.
How can I find the necessary and difficult conversations? What do I need to do to give my gift ever more clearly to the world?

Current core goals are as follows:

Impact the Lives of 1,000 People — Create enough positive impact that at least 1,000 people want to support me on Patreon or in some other direct way.

Write 1 Million Words — If I simply sit down and spend enough time writing, I am sure to create a prodigious body of work. That work, if well taken care of and orientated correctly, could serve people into greater excellence, beauty and enlightenment. That is the goal.

Lean & Mean For 12 Months [12% Body Fat] — A Personal goal about keeping fit and healthy. I want to discipline myself and take the road of resistance. For me, being overweight has been a challenge most of my life. There have been times I’ve been extremely fit and lean. Right now, well, since moving to Germany, that’s not been the case. This goal is to resolve that. If I can do this, I know I can do practically anything I set my mind to.

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