Freedom, Devotion, Desire — Masculine Secrets to Sexual Wisdom

El Rubi, Frederico BeltranMasses — 1929

You’re on your way home from the gym. It’s a balmy day. Sunny. You’re muscled and feeling strong from the workout. During your pushing and pulling, through the pain, you practiced grit. You’ve been breathing into the base of your pelvis. Synchronizing your breath with your movements. Giving everything through smooth control and practiced effort.

You think about your intimate partner as you pass people in the streets. She has been away for a couple of days.

The hot sun and fresh clear sky have brought all the women out.
They’re wearing colourful, cropped tops. Light skirts. Revealing beautiful fresh skin and bright eyes. In the light, their forms seem to call you as you make your way home.

You continue practicing your breathing. And place your attention wider than any particular woman.

Rather than grab at ass or tits with your eyes. You relax and open your awareness up, breathing each woman in and out as you pass by her.
You don’t even look.

You continue this practice as you step onto the subway. You stand straight and open. You’re widening your attention when you notice a beautiful woman sitting down close you. You continue your practice.
You inhale and open your awareness. You’re taking in the whole carriage, all the passengers, their luggage, their moods. You’re breathing it all in. Opening wide enough to include the pull on your attention… the pull of attraction… form of a beautiful woman.
Then, she stands up.

And offers her seat to the older woman standing next to you. The older lady sits down grateful. You witness the interaction and breath that in to. The young woman prepares to get off at the next stop. She moves towards you.

You continue breathing steady and deep. Relaxed, open and aware.
By now the beautiful woman has come close. Too close. She’s come so close your bodies are touching. You haven’t moved a millimeter. Yet you can feel her skin against yours, her chest rising and falling. Even on the crowded train, you can hear her breath.

You feel your desire, and continue to breathe in openness. A wave of appreciation comes over you for her energy, kindness and beauty. She’s looking at you, and then to the floor.
You stand erect and open.
Not reacting, not pushing or pulling. Needing nothing. Open and free in your desire. Not even needing to look at her. Yet you do not deny your admiration and attraction towards her. Instead, stand in the glow of her energy and kindness, her beauty glowing out from within.

You sense the pull of attraction towards her increasing. It’s become quite intense. You continue to breathe and release. It’s harder now. She begins to move around you. Her movements a beautiful pattern, like the light outside.
But you notice, she’s gone to the wrong side of the train. The platform is on the other side.

Sensing this — and continuing to breathe — you reach out and touch her shoulder. With a little nod and smile, you point to the other side of the train.
Her reaction is swift. In a single turn, she sees her mistake and breaks into a wide-open smile, her eyes full of radiance. She giggles at herself and it sounds like pure joy. You’ve arrived at the station. The doors open. She alights. As she steps out, she turns and gives you a knowing wink, and then glides off out of vision.

You breathe out, released at the moment. It is done.
In a situation like this, a woman’s smile and chuckle can transcend mere flirtation or lust. A smile and heart this wide-open can leave you feeling completely restored. Alive with love and awed.
Most men experience situations like this all the time. If not with this level of awareness and spontaneity.

The attraction to the beauty of the feminine is almost constant. Many find themselves beguiled into beauty. It’s natural. In fact, this pull and beauty is what most men live for when they get right down to it and be honest with themselves.

A lot us react at a knee jerk level. Without skill. Impulsive. Perhaps grabbing at a woman’s form, by way of a catcall or comment about her body. Some will be bold enough to approach and express their admiration or stealing a look so as not to intrude.

These men are all acting on their desire and appreciation for the feminine. An attraction they do not control and deny at their peril.
But they’re efforts often lack wisdom and skill. It’s encroaching on the object of their desire — a woman in this instance — without understanding.
Even if it’s just with their eyes, glaring at a woman without mutual connection is painful for many women. It’s akin to a woman subtle rejection of a man.

It’s not artful. It’s not moving both her and you to a place of greater freedom and love. Instead, this crude and uncontrolled act often leads to a shell of armor and a distrust for men in general.

Some men go further than this. They may start a conversation — or even a relationship with the woman — flirting and acting out this impulse. Perhaps it evolves into a sexual interaction, maybe even an affair…
But, men living with masculine purpose and sexual wisdom know better than that to act on such desires. They know is not what is best for themselves and everybody who looks to them. Including their girlfriend, wife or children. They know that to act on such desires may lead to some excitement and energy in the short run.

But in the long run if the desire for a beautiful stranger rules them they are weakened for it. They have misunderstood their desire. To desire the radiance of an open-hearted woman is nature. It is a desire we all feel at a near constant. Yet that desire is the service level of a deeper one. The deeper deisre it to be pulled deeper into union and merger with life and beauty itself. Not any particular pair of legs or breasts.

And if you think otherwise, well then they’re going to complicate there lives in the extreme. Acting on attraction at this level is going to cause lots of unnecessary suffering. For everyone involved. Men who do are in trouble. Believe me. I’ve been one.

In such cases, we have become a slave to their desires and attractions. We have failed the test.

There is another way.

The other way is full freedom in and through our desire for women and beauty.

Breath in the desire. Breath in the beauty. Don’t deny it or your attraction. Yet stand free and serve the moment, the woman, the form of your desire with poise and integrity. Devote yourself to the admiration, protection, and service of beauty, freedom and love. Not just your own freedom or your own woman. But of the freedom of the woman on the train. The love other people on the train. The love and freedom of your wife, your children. Everyone. As wide as you can.

Breath in the beauty, feel your desire, act towards honour, and release. Give and let go. Breath in. Give and let go. This practiced intention to serve leaves you confident in your purpose and integrity. And the desire which was pulling at you with such force before pulses and grows into a surge of energy.

You receive a blessing of energy and motivation.
Let’s go back to the scenario we just looked at for a moment.
You’ve taken the second way. You passed the test. After your interaction with the lady on the train, you step off. It’s your stop.

As you walk towards your home, thoughts of your woman come to you. You find yourself with a renewed appreciation. A fresh source of love and desire. Her smile, her radiance, they seem all the better for being yours. This feeling seeps into your body and awakens your heart. All feels right with the world.

With practice, an interaction like this can turn every woman’s face into a portal of divine light and rejuvenation. The self-knowledge of your consciousness gives its own, deep satisfaction and feeling of infinite, wide-open ease.

You have passed the test, and been restore and rejuvenated for your effort.
Even if a woman pays you absolutely no attention, when you are open and act with integrity, your body receives their energy and light. Your desire acts like a wave of sexual healing over your warrior’s battle-worn edges. It is healing for your body and soul.

This is the secret to masculine sexual wisdom.

But don’t take my word for it. Test it, and find out for yourself.

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  1. Beautiful article Christie, it reminds me a lot of a series of incidents years ago shortly after I woke up. How much I’ve forgotten. Breathe, stay open.

    Recommend this video related to the topic:
    It adds up to what you wrote quite well.


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