Many men out there have lost their way. They may be working hard, but their depth remains unpenetrated, their gift ungiven. They may have success with women, but constantly flit from fling to fling, with tears, distress and the pains of narcissism in their wake.

Or perhaps they have realised the power and import of intimate relationship, but are unable to navigate the constant emotional eddies and currents that seem to come with a woman. They have yet to recognise and touch their true power and freedom – they have yet to know themselves the master of purpose and polarity.

If you struggling to keep the attraction of your intimate relationship alive, waking up next to your lover can leave you feeling full of dread.

Without a clear and consciously chosen life purpose, for yourself and your intimate relationship, and without the knowledge and ability to play the polarity of masculine and feminine sexual dynamics, your life and relationship are in trouble.

Degrading into nights on the sofa.

A sensation of being stuck.

With a quiet and palpable sense of dis-ease creeping in on you. Perhaps jealousy, emotional volatility and closure threaten your sense of freedom and depth of your woman’s love. It is easy to feel your relationship with life isn’t give you what you want. Yet to do so, is to deny our power as creators of our lives.

Your partners blue and down-hearted face is an invitation and a challenge. Her raging and leaving you at a loss is one of the greatest gifts she can give you.

These problems are the ones that Christie has learned to master and solve for modern men. He’s lived them all himself and has helped hundreds of men take up the reigns in their work, their art, with their women and their sexing.

Such challenges are an invitation to source yourself in depth, to rise and wrestle with her mood, and the world, with your love unimpeded, free, your true self and purpose wielded as a sword against the darkness, and your force of love as a beacon in the dark, a lightning bolt of clarity and energy.

Through working with Christie, you will begin to feel deep ease, energy, and limitlessness within. Passion and direction, humour and potency will begin to characterise your days.

The abiding knowledge of yourself as co-creator and master of your soul, the worshipful love and devotion of a woman who will give you more pour love and light on your world and make a paradise of your home. You will be giving her what she really wants. Your fullest self, lead by the eternity of your heart, deep in your sense of integrity and inner knowing. Full of the strength and full spectrum of your desires, dark to light. Strong, sensitive, humorous and deep in wisdom.

I’m here to empower you to live as just such a force. To align your life with the full force of purpose and to learn the secrets and bliss of true polarity. This work opens the way to the power within you. This way brings not only vast freedom but, because you are free, you can serve both the world and your women from the place they yearn to feel you move from. Your deepest truth. Your fullest extent of power – integrity – the fearless gifting of yourself to the world.

This is my purpose.

Join me if you want to experience your life unfolding as freedom. If you want to feel your own raw power and experience vitality coursing into your life.

Together we will discover the course which truly sets you free. And do whatever is necessary for you to realise that you already are the freedom you seek.

No less. No more.

You decide.

Training Offered:

Purpose Council Seat:

Four Member Council – €125


– Access to techniques, wisdom, processes and experiences necessary to master the challenges and pitfalls of work, women and sexual polarity.

– The training to realise the true extent of your freedom, the step by step realisation of total clarity and the courage to create your purpose.

– Momentum on your next purpose: a single, clear mission you have been delaying, making excuses for, and not committing to.

– Support and challenge from a group of three other men who share a purpose.


Purpose & Polarity Coaching:
One to One – 375€ per month.



Deep Purpose & Polarity Mentoring 

– Access to techniques, wisdom, processes and experiences necessary to master the challenges and pitfalls of work, women and sexual polarity.

– The training to realise the true extent of your freedom, the step by step realisation of total clarity and the courage to create your purpose.

– Momentum on your next purpose: a single, clear mission you have been delaying, making excuses for, and not committing to.

– Clarity calls & regular check-ins:

We talk at least four times per month to go through your process and actions in fine detail. Creating the clarity necessary for the next steps. Weekly reports keep you on track and tackling the oncoming hurdles. Together we agree and follow through on creating the daily disciplines you need to surpass your fears and to cut through laziness. You will report to me on your most important and challenging habit via WhatsApp every day.

Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 14.15.40

– Christoph
Visual Artist, Designer & Graphic Recording Expert

“Christie has the very strong ability to see through the stories other people tell themselves. I’ve never met a person before who has such a keen eye and sees the detail of another person’s inner world and where that is in or out of alignment with their outer world.”

“With his work as a mentor, Christie not only recognizes the challenges his clients are facing on their way to realizing their purpose, he also has a very good sense of what little tasks he can give to help the person get closer and closer to live their life. To live their own truth.”





“Our task is to realise ourselves as we truly are. Ever more free and at ease in our mission and truth. Transcending our limits and becoming who you were born to be in each moment.”

Exclusive One-To-One, Live Training: I offer you the challenge and structure you need to create clarity and gain the momentum to break through the bonds of fear, ambiguity, laziness and procrastination.

In these 4 Weeks of Intensive Experiential Training, we will:

  • Work together on a daily basis. You receive direct and daily access to Europe’s leading expert on purpose, spiritual growth and sacred intimacy.
  • Discover your next purpose: the single, clear direction and deepest desire.
  • Revive your personal power. The self-worth and assertiveness needed to claim your dream, make your vision a reality and the strength to pay the price on its promise.
  • Create such desire and confidence, you will stop at nothing to achieve through face to face intensive work, pushing the limits of your growth until you are fully aligned to your purpose and giving it 100%.
  • Manfiest a month of momentum: We give you the ignition you need to rocket forward at your growth through massive action and  a structured process of live training, weekly challenges, forfeits and support work, Christie provides you with the framework you need to execute on your dreams, build the discipline necessary to realise your goals and transcend your limiting fears.
  • A thorough, proven and comprehensive experience which will unleash your power, creativity and desire so that you can through break the shackles of fear and confusion.

“Christie will continue to help you grow and expand the limits of your own giving and glory. Challenging and supporting you onto your edge. Often questions we forget or avoiding asking ourselves.

He does this by asking the right questions. He doesn’t do this from some place of superiority. Because I know every day he wakes up, and asks himself these very same questions as well. Asking him why he does it would be the same as asking a bird why it sings.”


– Nicholas
Founder of YesRoots! International Organic Media 

You receive:

  • Full access to Christie and his resources: Your own spiritual drill sergeant, brother in arms and fellow samurai on the field of battle. I hold you accountable, call you out on your bullshit, and with love, goad you out to transcend your limits.
  • Support and encouragement. The road is long and lonely. I strive to be the person you can trust with your life to guide, celebrate and walk beside with you through this transformational process.
  • A highly specific, specialised and proven process to create absolute clarity on your vision and life’s mission.
  • A complete overview and deeper understanding of your personal, professional and intimate life. You will receive absolute clarity about where you are, your limits and strengths, where you want to go, and what you need to do to in order to realise your life’s purpose. Your vision and unique gift to the world.
  • A life changing experience which will lead to a transformation in the results and value you are experiencing in your work, intimate relationships and sexuality.

Vision Quest – €3000: 8 Day Expedition 



NEXT VISION QUEST: 21 – 29th September 2019

Pioneering Vision Quest Expeditions:

Four times a year, at the high point of each season, Christie leads Vision Quests through the wild in an undisclosed location in Europe.

You will be together with men of outstanding integrity, courage, and power.


Together we will go deep into the heart of darkness, where our true power and gifts are to be found, facing the mystery and pain of existence to emerge from the challenge with a vision for our lives which no fear or resistance can sway us from.


A truly transformational process with preparation, follow up coaching sessions and on going seat on a Purpose Council for six months.

Accommodation, food, camping equipment, safety gear and expert guide included.

Details available on request. 


“During the struggles that I’ve faced, the solitude that was both a torture and a catalyst for growth, Christie was there. Our weekly challenges have helped me to concentrate on what really needed doing in order to become who’ve I’ve become now. The greatest struggle that Christie helped me with was getting in touch with the power of my emotions.

Exposing myself from the heart. Being vulnerable by making my own way. I found a way to embrace this side of myself and use it as fuel. Which has inspired me to be authentic, bold and confident in my actions. I’ve been breaking through obstacles I am presented with every damn day since.

I am deeply grateful that our paths crossed.

Strength and courage.”

Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 14.15.11

– Rokas
Adventure Film Maker & Documentary Photographer.


Having worked with Christie for just over half a year the results have been transformational. He’s always authenic. Both structured, spontaneous and willing to adapt. He strikes a perfect balance, for me, between accountability and flexibility.

Christie has been instrumental in helping me move forward in ending a stagnant relationship and has also made me see and be accountable for the areas where I have been lazy and not showing up my life. I am far more solid and am not so easily led and affected by my emotions and the feminine. He is truly a gifted guide and a good friend.”


– Bernard
Founder of Chi Academy

Christie is an example of a man who is truly alive, living at his edge, continuously challenging his zone of comfort, while at the same time light-heartedly honoring his humanness. He is a deeply trustworthy mentor, whose presence and deep knowledge has amplified my personal growth in numerous ways.

Drawing from his deep knowledge and experience in psychology, spirituality, mythology and poetry, he shares wisdom in a truly empowering creative way, while being supportive and available. at every step of the way.
Together we have talked about my relationship with the masculine and feminine both internally as my own energy as well as externally in the form of my father, friends and women. Our time together has been a continuous reminder of accepting the entirety of my being, both the light and the dark, while continuing to gracefully challenge my current limitations.
I‘m deeply grateful for Christie’s guidance and would encourage everyone who is interested in living into one‘s human potential to work with Christie.

— Henrik