Short Bio:
Christie Murphy is a student of David Deida and teaches seminars, workshops, and consults on spiritual growth and sacred intimacy. His writing and teachings focus on the principles of polarity and places a great emphasis on psychosexual development as a practical spirituality for our times.

Christie aspires to be amongst most authentic and genuine teachers of our time, and aims to contribute truly to the personal and spiritual growth of the people he works with.

Studying from the leading teachers in these disciplines, Christie has developed a reputation for his unwavering commitment to spiritual growth and sacred intimacy and has developed a proven and effective program of practices and offerings. These aim to empower others to transcend their current limits and enter into a deeper spiritual awakening in their professional and intimate lives.

Christie is known internationally as the author of dozens of articles, essays, YouTube videos, poems, and stories that bring to light an integrated approach to spirituality and daily life. He is also the founder and host of the podcast The Way with Christie Murphy, a platform dedicated to sharing this work and demonstrating its effect on people’s lives.

For more about the specific kind of work I do, check out this video.

A Lesson from my teacher, David Deida.

Full Biographical Information


Christe Murphy is a British Irish author, teacher and poet. He writes on spiritual practice, sociocultural transcendence and evolution, tantric and nondual sexuality. He has published dozens of articles, poems and mythological parables. Christie’s early studies included psychoanalytical studies, literature, sex and gender roles in world literature, and psychosocial world history. Since 2012 he has trained in vinyasa yoga, mixed martial arts ( Chi Kung Fu), various forms of meditation, such as Adhiṭṭhāna and Tibetan Tummo, as well as sexual yoga and dream yoga.

For the last five years Christie has been writing on spiritual and sexual growth, practicing in solitary retreat and in monasteries, and studying with international teachers such as David Deida, Satish Kumar and John Wineland.

Biographical Overview:

Christie Michael Dunne-Murphy was born in Greenwich, London on the 2nd of April, 1991. Unable to read by the age of eight, Christie was given private tuitions in reading and writing, and by ten years of age had read the complete Tolkien Trilogy Lord of the Rings. He was admitted into the “Gifted and Talented” program at his school, St Columbus in Bexley. He began writing poetry at the age of eleven. At the University of Kent, Christie revived the Literature Society, was a founding member of the Green Knights society for gifted and dedicated students and wrote social political commentary for the student paper. At this time, he also began mentoring and training other students. Being a passionate swimmer he taught several friends to swim despite their fear of water and was hired as a mentor for a gifted young man with severe autism.

In the early 2010’s, Christie was introduced to Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga by his Grandmother, a student of Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar. He began to practice this daily. During his time at Kent University, Christie was mentored by the writer and psychogeographer, Dr. Vybarr Cregan Reid, and the literary scholar Felicity J. Dunworth who specialised in learning access as well as mother archetypes and divine feminine figures in early modern drama. At this time Christie immersed himself in study with American social engineer and futurist Jacque Fresco and was mentored by the Irish psychotherapist, Martin Dooney.

Christie experienced a major depressive episode towards the end of his first degree brought on by a violent breakup. He barely graduated and went on an extended journey across Europe, immersing himself in the study of permaculture, sustainability, psychotherapy and world religions. During this time he contributed to several major permaculture projects in Ireland, Lithuania and the UK. He returned to the UK when his mother suffered from a 9th bout of pneumonia and was struggling with valium addiction during her divorce. During his return to London, Christie completed his Bachelors in English Literature at Queen Mary’s University of London and became a core member of the Biomodd and the SEAD community, led by the Belgian Biologist, Angelo Vermeulen. He worked alongside Angelo and the SEADS team in major projects including the Kew Garden’s Spice Pavilion, Mechelen technology festival, and various educational projects in schools across London. Christie joined the UpRising Cohort, joining the Environmental Leadership Campaign, during which time he co-lead a campaign on Air Quality in East London. In his personal work he became especially focused on spiritual practices such as Adhiṭṭhāna and Tibetan Tummo, meditating for hours at a time, often in frost and wet weather, as well as further studying the works of David Deida.

During this time Christie trained as a climbing instructor and began tutoring students in history and English literature. He became acquainted with Liam Chai, and met with the founder of Service Space, Nipun Mehta. His personal practice of meditation and spiritual studies increased.

From 2016, after several years of practicing Adhiṭṭhāna and Tibetan Tummo, as well as studying extensively the works of David Deida, Christie began undertaking a series of pilgrimages. Long, solitary walks with severe restrictions on what was permissible. Such as walking without the use of money. Inspired by the spiritual teacher, author and founder of Schumacher College, Satish Kumar. Christie walked over 450 kilometers of the British South Coast, alone and without money to meet with Satish in honour of the Peace Walk Satish conducted in 1962. During this time Christie was honoured to meet with many people and offer them his insights and guidance as a means of thank them for their support. Eventually meeting Satish Kumar after his third pilgrimage and having walked for 33 days, Christie then had the privilege to study with Satish.

Since his pilgrimages Christie has lived in Europe, deeping his spiritual practices by visiting various sites of study and worship such as Amiravati Temple in Buckinghamshire, Tharpa Meditation Center in Brandenburg and the Taizé Community in Burgundy, France. Christie began published extensively his collected poetry, stories and articles. Launched his podcast in 2018. He has also studied with John Wineland, and David Deida. He began teaching and organising seminars on spiritual and sacred intimacy whilst based in Berlin, Germany and has done so for the last three years.


While based on his own experience, Christie acknowledges an enormous debt to the works and thought of David Deida. Which can be summarised in his outline of the three stages of psycho-sexual development:

The first stage is characterized by self-serving egotism and also by the traditional 1950’s gender roles of man as breadwinner and woman as stay-at-home mom. Stage two is the “fifty-fifty” level of empathy and balance we see in much of the postmodern West today, where equality and congeniality reign supreme between the genders and our main aspiration is really just to get along. Then there’s stage three, [Deida] says, where we finally break free of the more timid and passionless aspects of second-stage partnership and begin to reawaken the [non-gender-based] masculine devotion to mission or feminine desire for love that allegedly will bring back our vital core energy and lead to a renewed sense of purposeful being…. “There is the [feminine] energetic light aspect of existence, and the [masculine] consciousness aspect of existence, and they are not separate,” Deida says. “Light is the shine of consciousness. Consciousness is the cognizance of light or energy. It’s the knowing aspect of energy, and it’s impossible to separate them. They’re together, and that’s why sex feels so good, because sex is the recapitulation at the human level of consciousness and light in unity.”